Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Playing Catch Up

Yes, it's Sunday night, so I am a bit behind. But I have a good reason -- I was away this weekend. But I did manage some simple meals both before I left and while I was away.
Thursday morning, I used the leftover egg whites from my ice cream making endeavour and scrambled with a little early summer corn, green onion and cilantro from the greenmarket. Tucked in a tortilla with some cheese and salsa, it made a great weekday hot breakfast.
On Friday morning, before I headed out for the weekend, I attempted to recreate a favorite side dish from Houston's -- the couscous salad. However, I tried to shake things up by using half quinoa and half coucous, which made the dish a little too soggy. In fact, I ended up tossing most of it versus packing it for the roadtrip.
On Saturday, I visited the small market in my parents' town, and scored some more local corn along with just-picked-that morning raspberries.
The corn got tossed into a lunchtime chopped salad and the raspberries made a sweet ending to Market Week (especially since I ate them over takeout vanilla softserve).

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