Monday, March 22, 2010

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week: X2O Xaviars On The Hudson

I love the idea of restaurant week. Something about a limited time, pre-fix menu really motivates you to get out and try someplace new. Or someplace that you've been dying to go, but couldn't justify the expense. So, in honor of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week(s), I drove a few miles south to X2O Xaviars On The Hudson. The restaurant, which was featured on Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Hudson Valley special, sits on top of an old pier near the Yonkers train station. We were seated in the smaller dining room on the highest level -- at a corner table by the window, looking south toward the GWB and Manhattan skyline. After starting with a Hudson Bubble Cocktail (sparkling wine, blood orange juice and elderflower liqueur), we perused the featured menu which had a ton of options. I started with the spicy tuna roll, and I don't even really like raw tuna. But the generous eight piece serving was delicious and totally not fishy at all. My table also ordered the fennel soup (looked nice) and the mushroom custard, which unfortunately was a little too reminiscent in look and taste to Campbell's cream of mushroom soup straight from the can (although I am sure only the finest wild mushrooms and cream made it into the dish!). We all went with the roasted sirloin for our entree. And it was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy (and this from someone who typically orders her meat medium well). Paired with two sauces, the sauce choron listed on the menu and a sweet and spicy red sauce, the portion was perfect -- filling but not overfilling. Leaving room for dessert! While some went for the rich Belgian chocolate dome... ...I went with an off menu special -- chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream, which was perfectly nice and actually quite light (which I appreciated after my surf and turf dinner). I wish the ice cream (which initially sold me on the selection) had a little more pistachio oomph (like the pistachio gelato I had in Milan last year) but at least it wasn't green!

All in all, I had a great time. Although I felt a tad bit rushed through our meal (I get it -- they need to turn the table), the service was great and as Restaurant Week patrons, I did not feel like we were treated like second class citizens (as some places have been known to do).

There are six more days of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2010 -- plenty of time to try to snag a reservation at X2O, or start planning your trip to Yonkers this time next year!

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