Monday, August 10, 2009

Bronxville, NY: An Upscale Farmers' Market

On Saturday, I took the Metro-North railroad 15 miles north of Grand Central Station to Bronxville. Yes, after 9 years living in Manhattan, I am toying with the idea of moving to the 'burbs so I can get a bigger space, finally get a car and some nature. I had never been to the village before, so of course I had to check out the amenities, including the gorgeous library and the local farmers market. Easily accessible from the train station and main village shopping area, the market was hopping when I arrived around 11:30 a.m. Along with the standard fruits and vegetable offerings, the Bronxville Farmers Market is heavy on the prepared foods -- and not just baked goods. Perhaps it was a bit reflective of the residents (Bronxville has a reputation of being quite the upscale village). I saw soups and salsa, pickles and empanadas. And cheese. Oh the cheese. The market had an outpost of an Artisanal Fromagerie. I've been to the restaurant in midtown, and gorged myself on Gougères, which were for sale at the market (albeit in bulk).

I did indulge in the small fruit tarts from "Dutch Desserts" after snagging a sample of the raspberry. As the Web site claims, the 5-inch tarts make two perfect servings (for dessert and/or breakfast the next day, I discovered.).

While it's too soon to say if I will be a Bronxville resident in the near future, I will certainly be back to hang out in the library, enjoy the fresh air, and shop the market.

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