Friday, June 19, 2009

Bus Station Gourmet: Greenmarket at Port Authority

I've seen my fair share of things at Port Authority bus station. Ok, I am not a daily commuter, but I feel like I am there often enough, especially since I take the bus when I head upstate and visit my family (the only other alternative is renting a car). On Thursday, between the harried commuters, kamikaze indoor pigeons (if you've been to the third floor, you know what I mean) and odd-ball bus passengers, I finally saw a welcome sight: a new greenmarket! Honestly, I would have missed it if I wasn't looking for it (and had read about it on Midtown Lunch). Tucked behind the columns on the main level of the north building, it's off the beaten escalator path. However, once you find it, you have lots to choose from, including produce and prepared treats from Katchkie Farm and baked goods and more from Prospect Hill Orchards. Since I was already juggling a suitcase, carry on and huge purse, I had to bypass the napa cabbage, strawberries and containers of pickled everything. Instead, I fortified myself with an oatmeal raisin cookie from Prospect Hill (huge and only $1.50) and consoled myself with the thought of visiting again the next time I make the 3.5 hour trek upstate via Shortline Bus. Which will be in two weeks...oy!

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